“There isn’t anything that I cannot be or do or have”

— Abraham Hicks

Are you already someone who is living your best life and eager for more?


Therapeutic Coaching

Wherever you are in your personal development journey and whatever has brought you here, I hope to cover all aspects of what Law of Attraction Therapeutic Coaching means and how it can help to transcend your life into one of abundance.

Positive Change

Whatever aspect of your life you may wish to change, whether it be your relationships with others, your career, money, your home; perhaps all of the above.  My bespoke coaching packages will be designed to cater for your specific needs, as we are all at different stages of our life journey and therefore will require different things from therapeutic coaching.

Law of Attraction

If you are new to the Law of Attraction I will explain the universal laws throughout this website in more detail, but to simplify it for now, it means we attract into our lives a match to the vibrational energy we give off.  For example, if I hold positive beliefs about myself, I will attract into my life a reflection of the energy vibration that those beliefs hold.  If I hold negative beliefs and perceptions, I will also attract a vibrational energy match to my negative beliefs, meaning my life will mirror my energy vibration.

What my clients say

My life has changed, I’m a lot more confident now. I know the thinking behind my actions, a thought is just a thought and I’m so proud of what I can now do.” — Hannah

Because of the awareness I now have and the confidence with which I can talk about my feelings, I feel that I can see my life from new and more loving perspectives. I’m so grateful for the sessions that I have with Katherine and for the personal growth journey that she has steered me on.” — Luke

“At first, I didn’t think that the changes I made were going to make a big difference. I just thought I’ll do it but it’s not really going to change anything, I was pretty set on how I viewed things. Now I can see that all those changes little and big, have had a huge impact on my life for the better.” — Jordan

Katherine’s empathy and her finely attuned listening skills have helped me to feel heard, understood and seen for the first time. It is difficult not to overestimate how powerful and affirming this has been for me. ” — Emma

About Me

I’m Katherine Gregg, a qualified and accredited Psychotherapist and Life Coach with over 10 years experience counselling individuals, couples and group dynamics.

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