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Typically, psychotherapy and coaching would be said to differ because coaching is future and goal focused and psychotherapy is about healing from the past. Different types of coaching and therapeutic modalities will vary in definition and integrated approaches will sometimes work with both aspects.

The reality is that in theory, there is no need for our past to affect our present, however, by default it does. In my opinion there really is value in both, having had years of psychotherapy myself as part of my on-going personal development as a Psychotherapist, it has been hugely helpful in developing my understanding of why I am the way I am. After all once we can fully understand and accept ourselves, we can then can then change.

“The curious paradox is that when I can accept myself just as I am, then I can change.”


Individual coaching packages will be assessed on your individual desires and needs that may follow those desires…

If someone desires to be successful in business, we may need to look at your learnt beliefs first before we can look to create new ones. If someone desires a loving relationship but is lacking in confidence, we may need to look at that persons experience of relationships and how their self esteem has formed, in order to create new perceptions of relationships and begin to re-build their self esteem.

Sometimes we may experience blocks in our process and it may be necessary to do some therapeutic work in order to understand ourselves at a deeper level, we may need to explore the unconscious in order to understand what might be playing out in our present. I am a strong believer that the only place that is helpful to us right now, is what is right here right now.

We often carry residue of our past learnt perceptions into our current reality, therefore we end up repeating cycles and patterns of behaviour that debilitate us from thriving in our ‘now’ reality. Therapeutic coaching aims to undo our learnt negative self beliefs in order to re-learn new more positive ones, essentially re-learning how we see ourselves in our world and undoing what’s been done to us so that we can re-build our psychological foundation based on what’s real now.

When we truly hold ourself in positive vibration, we can consciously attract the life we want to live, and through practice, reach a place of self-mastery where we are deliberately creating our own experience.

Where do our beliefs come from?

The basis of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy recognises that our thoughts directly affect our emotions and it’s our emotions that emanate our energy vibration. Therefore if we have negative thoughts we will in turn have negative emotions, that give off negative vibrations.

Negative beliefs are just thoughts that we continue to think and sometimes it’s not that easy to change our negative thought process, we even hold negative beliefs unconsciously. For example, we can read self-help books that ask us to practice positive affirmations or write gratitude lists daily, but if we don’t believe the things we are saying or writing, the process is almost counterproductive.

If we desire a loving relationship, but deep down we don’t believe we’re good enough, it will be the vibration that matches the belief that we will emit, attracting a relationship that matches that vibration. If we desire money, but deep down we believe money is the root of all evil, we are more likely to be broke as opposed to prosperous.

We are not born into this world with negative beliefs, we develop our perceptions of ourselves through the world we experience around us. These perceptions form before the age of five. Some schools of thought will differ around the point at which an infant’s ego develops, some say from birth, others will say from months old, but all will agree that it is in our early childhood.

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I’m Katherine Gregg, a qualified and accredited Psychotherapist and Life Coach with over 10 years experience counselling individuals, couples and group dynamics.

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